Here Are The 8 Points To Choose Our Spinning Bike.

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Our Health

It is a fitness device to use with a high performance, if you are starting my advice is to start with a static bike, however much you want to get fit and lose weight has to be a progressive increase for your body to get accustomed, as It is often said, the first thing is not to lose weight, it is to educate ourselves to take care of ourselves, to take bad habits and to make others better like to make bicycle, be it of spinning or static. Some high-impact exercises are advised against certain physical conditions, in case you have any doubts, ask your doctor for advice or do some tests.


In this type of exercise we have to be sure that we have a completely flat surface, because in case of using it at a high speed we can have several risks if it wobbles or moves a little, usually is not usually a problem, but it is always good Look at it and especially in carpet and other issues, which can destabilize us because they deform and gradually make the bicycle lose balance.

User Capacity

It is another quite obvious detail, as we said in the guide of buying the static bicycles, we have to think that if we are at the limit it is good that we choose another model in case in some case we took more weight, also be careful that nobody that exceeds The maximum weight can use it, we can cause damage to the moving parts or the motor itself, causing future repair, or even some risk of having a problem in the middle of the exercise.

Weight Of Flywheel

It is a detail where one distinguishes between one of more quality and another one of less, because it is usually the trap in this purchase, we see a few kilos in this characteristic and although we do not know what it means, we like the color and we buy it, we have to see As an investment in our health, if you have enough weight the exercise will be much more fluid, It will give us that real feeling of cycling outdoors, the price varies a lot depending on this component. This is a simple table to see where you think it is your ideal:

Flywheel of 13 to 15kg

Objective: To perform physical exercise occasionally to activate circulation or weight loss.

User: Does not do any type of exercise, nor does he have any sports experience.

16 to 20kg Flywheel

Objective: To exercise regularly to maintain a good fitness, and even to complement other sports training such as cycling.

User: Is accustomed to exercise at least 3 days a week, and begins to control their workouts

+ 20kg Inertia Flywheel

Objective: Exercise daily to improve performance or fitness

User: Performs more than 3 training sessions per week. Your workouts are aimed at improving your results

If you want to see the models & the most bought, find out more here.


One detail to keep in mind is that we surely need to hydrate when we are exercising, in addition to resistance sessions is the most advisable, it is very practical to see if it has a bottle holder to be able to put an isotonic drink or water and can take it comfortably, on all if I have enough height.

Brake And Resistance

They are linked because one affects the other, the resistance can be friction or magnetic which is the most advisable to be silent and progressive. We found different brake system on spinning bikes:

Friction: They have a unique shoe that acts of vertical form on the flywheel of inertia.

Friction With 2 Shoes: also called sled brake, is the same system of road bikes, push the sides of the flywheel on the sides.


When talking about a machine in which the mechanics have to operate with very specific characteristics to a good level, some parts of this device are quite expensive, so although it is always regulated by consumer law, we have to see if we have Facilities to be able to change them and exactly what they cover is one of the most important reasons where you would not fully recommend buying a second hand unless you know what you are doing or want to take the risk.


Spinning bikes are a complete exercise, ideal for beginners but more advisable with some experience or if we really want to get in shape from all levels. They offer a very high performance and great conditions as they give us a natural exercise that closely resembles the traditional road bike, something that I think we all hold dear and we love being able to practice from time to time with the Peculiarity that those of spinning allow us to do it at any time, with any meteorological condition and without depending on factors like the zone or the traffic.

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