Benefits Of File Sharing In The Cloud

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In order to facilitate collaboration between employees and access to files , companies like: FilehosterZ, are increasingly using more services to share files in the cloud . These online services are shifting to the traditional infrastructures of using file files and VPNs. This reduces the costs associated with maintaining and managing these infrastructures.

According to different studies, the main benefits of online file sharing are ease of use , disaster recovery (DR) environments, the ability to be used by any type of device (PC, Smartphone, tablet, etc.) and not have to log in to the corporate VPN with a complex process of data synchronization.

Despite these benefits, sharing files in the cloud is a challenge for systems departments because they have to manage a large amount of data off-site, including those stored on smart phones or tablets.

Cloud Models For File Sharing

Like other cloud services, online file sharing can be deployed using one of three cloud models : public , private, or hybrid .

In a public cloud model, the provider is the one who has full responsibility for the service provided. There are manufacturers that offer software licenses that can be installed on the customer’s premises (private cloud). Finally, users can opt for a hybrid model that includes part of services installed in their private cloud and others in an external service in the cloud.

The most popular cloud model used for file sharing is SaaS. The most popular cloud applications for file sharing, in this order, are CRM solutions, e-mail and online repositories, such as Dropbox.

Within our service catalog we offer our clients different file sharing solutions:

SaaS Solutions: Our professional web hosting and email plans within the mail service include a file storage service , similar to Dropbox, for sharing large files using public or password protected links.

MFT Solutions: Doocuments, advanced tool for intelligent file sharing.

Collaboration software: O3Spaces allows you to manage projects and work centrally regardless of whether you are in your office or another branch of your company.

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