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Technical Notes: Acrylic Baths And Hydromassages

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Supplement Architecture & Design. Summer arrives and many nicole want to indulge in installing the often delayed bathtub. Stretching a little can reach the dreamy “whirlpools.” There are many brands and varieties on the market. As always in these subjects, the first brands always offer us quality and guarantee.

Acrylic bathtubs are made of thermoformed acrylic reinforced with polyester resin and fiberglass. Acrylic is a non-slip material that is still wet, it is athermic (it does not conduct heat), therefore it keeps the hot water inside the bath longer. It does not cacha, like a tub of steel. Being acrylic cast (+ the reinforcement), it maintains a brightness and color inalterable with the passage of the time. It resists UV rays, so we can install a bathtub outdoors, without affecting its brightness. It is lighter than a tub of porcelanizado steel, which grants us a great advantage in work for its transfer.


Before installing an acrylic bathtub it is necessary to check that they have not been stacked in a horizontal position but have been stored vertically fitted in a covered place sheltered from the weather The surface of the baths must be protected during the work and in no case , Shall be used as containers for building materials. They must not have contact with gypsum, nor use acid or abrasive products for cleaning. They should be cleaned only with water and neutral detergent. The bath is located in the bathroom so that, when the user is seated inside, he can see the whole of the room. Acrylic bathtubs must be installed once the completion stage is completed. In the room of the bath where the tub will be placed, the last course of ceramic will be left unplaced; In the same way as in the floor, the last line of tiles will not be placed up to where the wall that will be the front of the artifact will be placed. On the floor where the bath is placed, it is recommended to make a waterproofing layer to prevent water seepage to the lower floor. The bathtub can be embedded or semi-enclosed at the desired height. It is recommended to embed the edges to the wall between 1 and 2 cm, approximately, make a channel 3 cm deep by 6 to 8 cm high; And then, when the final stanchion is made, do it with a cement cast, or ceramic adhesive (waterproof material). Never use sand as a seat material. Before placing the bath in the corresponding position, it is necessary to present it to mark the perimeter of its base of settlement,

Acrylic Sanitary


  • Non-slip yet wet
  • High mechanical resistance (for the reinforcement of polyester resin and fiberglass)
  • Unchanged brightness
  • Resistance to ultraviolet rays
  • Athermic, allows to keep hot water longer
  • Pleasant to the touch
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Can be polished and can restore any surface damage
  • Easy to carry


A whirlpool of the first brand, comes fully assembled factory and all its components are included in the perimeter of the bath. The hull is made of thermoformed sanitary acrylic, reinforced with glass fiber and polyester resin. The pipes that lead water are rigid reinforced virgin PVC. They have a self-draining system. When the plug of the hydro is removed, all the water in the pipes and the remaining pump is drained. There is no water left in the pipes from one bathroom to another. The pumps are silent and vary their power depending on how many jets the whirlpool has. They can be ½ HP, ¾ HP, or 1 HP. A 4-jet hydro is fed with a 1/2 HP pump. If it is a SPA (water + air) system, the air conduction is done through flexible pipes. The SPA full system incorporates ozone by the jets that are on the hydro floor. Ozone has bactericidal and healing properties. A hydromassage is filled with a conventional shower box (through the foot wash basin), with a special hydromassage faucet, or internally through an optional filling T (must be clarified in the order to be included)

For some luxury or full systems (time and bath temperature control), an additional hot water connection must be provided. If we want a quick filling we have to feed the hydro with ¾ “pipe. The whirlpools do not heat the water but maintain it. For each degree that falls according to the programmed temperature, an electrovalve is opened that incorporates hot water to the hydro.


Your installation

Just as in the installation of an acrylic bathtub, you must leave the area of ​​finished floor folder, drain placed and free the area of ​​ceramics on the wall. It must be embedded 1 to 2 cm. But in a hydromassage with legs it is not necessary to make the seat mixture. Put some mixture around each leg and it is enough. A ventilation grid must be left for the pump and an electric box with a leakproof connection. An inspection door must also be placed to access the pump or otherwise an acrylic front, where we will access not only the pump but all pipes. For more details, read out acrylic bathtub reviews so that you can choose best bathtub for revitalize you bathing area.

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