8 Tips For Cyber-Success

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Often ideas come to know what not to do before developing a new product or service. In this article we give you a series of tips on what a cyber-entrepreneur does not have to do if he wants to get away and achieve cyber-success. Throughout the short history of the failures in Internet there are behaviors that have been repeated and this fact has been one of the more variables to know why this or that project failed. Recently, the magazine Punto-Com interviewed a once successful entrepreneur who fell into disgrace leading to bankruptcy to his company. We talked about Kaleil Isaza, who with his portal GovWorks raised a whopping 60 million dollars. Of course Isaza would now be well qualified to rewrite the famous movie “What the Wind Went” since he was not. Among the errors that Isaza himself recognized after the hecatomb and those we have observed after interacting with many new millionaires and that prevented him from achieving cyber essentials certification-success , are the following:

Give Up Control In Time

One can be extremely creative and pass on his enthusiasm to the rest of the people. He may even be a computer genius and reinvent the wheel, but that does not mean that by spontaneous generation he knows how to run a company. You have to know when to let expert hands take the reins of the business and allow you to complement your strategic vision and even more, make it a reality.

Learn To Delegate

Trust that the team will take care of things with the same dexterity and wisdom that self is perhaps the most difficult point that an entrepreneur must face. Knowing how to delegate means giving people the freedom to use their intelligence and capacity freely.

Do Not Pretend To Like Everyone

We are not a $ 100 bill that suits everyone regardless of religion, sex or color. Our decisions should not always be nice and we can not pretend that everyone thinks “that good subject that is so-and-so.” It is very common for a young entrepreneur to get dizzy with the illusion of popularity and the truth is that carrying a company ahead implies the risk of generating enemies. Do not fear that. Keep your pulse steady when taking unpopular measures. Know that nothing will serve to be the most friendly and nice CEO in the world when your company has gone bankrupt by giving priority to their self-centeredness.

Land On Time

The facts have shown that companies with hundreds of employees, bulging advertising budgets, travel, PR agencies, and more advertising can not be supported … without income, without having a professional management and without the necessary planning to know what it is you will get at the end of the road. Put your feet on the ground in administrative and financial matters. Do not underestimate the accounting systems and for what you most want …. use good judgment!

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