Amazing Tips On Best Pool Filters

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Pool filters are important accessories for the pool. Outdoor pools usually become dirty as leaves and twigs fall on them regularly. Therefore, the pool owners have to keep them clean by installing pool filters. There are three types of Best pool filters.

  1. Sand Filters

Water is pushed through a bed of filter sand and removed through a set of lateral tubes at the bottom. The standard for this filter is that water is pressed through the filter sand, just like an espresso machine. Dirty water has an inlet at the top, and clean water leaves out at the bottom. As the filter become plugged with debris from the swimming pool, there is an increase in pressure on the filter and the water flow reduce. To clean the filter, you backwash (this running it in reverse) it and dump the waste water. After you backwash the filter, you have to rinse it to ensure that the sand is repacked and then fix back the filter. This should be done manually after every two weeks. You can add a backwash valve to your swimming pool system so that when the sand becomes totally dirty, it can be easily and inexpensively replaced. However, the sand filter is less useful because it can allow small particles to pass back into the pool.

pool filter types

pool filter types

  1. Cartridge Filters

This is similar to the water filters used under the sinks. Cartridges filter have a larger area to filter as compared to the sand filter. You do not have to clean them frequently because they do not clog up quickly. There are mostly two types of cartridge filters; the ones that are cheap and need replacement after a short period and the other type are expensive, and they last for more than five years before being replaced. In both, cartridge filters are intended to operate at a lower pressure as compared to sand filters. This sets less back-pressure on the pump. Therefore you get more turnover and flow for a similar pump size. Normally, these filters require being cleaned once after every three months by hosing them off. Cartridge filter can filter smaller particles as compared to sand filters.

  1. Diatomaceous Filters

Diatomaceous earth is the fossilized of tiny diatoms. It is extracted through mining. They are used as tiny sieves to eliminate debris. Diatom filter area is sized between cartridge and sand. When pressure in the filter increases, you backwash the filter like a sand filter and then revived with more diatomaceous powder. They operate at high pressure and filter even very small particles as compared to the other types of filters.

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