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How To Choose Fast Healthy Food In The Restaurant

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Make the purchase ‘like crazy’ and cook and eat at a Pispas can harm your health, but with a little organization and a few tricks, fast food or ‘fast food’ can also be healthy. We tell you how.

When we enter a fast food establishment it is inevitable salivate at the suggestive photographs around us. Succulent burgers, crispy fries, tasty ribs … It seems inevitable fall into temptation and lean through a menu of more than 1,500 calories, but you can choose either if we look calmly letter and rebuscamos among all alternatives, since most of chain of restaurants specializing in fast food have recipes that can be labeled as healthy, designed for those who do not want to sacrifice comfort and speed without losing health. These tips will help you make good choices:

Grilled Best I Breaded: If we choose to enjoy a typical hamburger must take into account that it is preferable to choose cooked meats grilled in front of which are made with breaded and fried. This is also true for fish, chicken, or the ingredients of a sandwich. The reason is that hardly grilled use saturated fats, while frying fats refined dominated batters. This advice is not only valid for the mains, it should also be taken into account when choosing some accessories, like nuggets Balls cheese or onion rings. In all these cases prevails frying, so it is best to discard them and opt for other items such as nachos, quesadillas, or coleslaw.

Fries Light: If we do not resist the temptation to accompany our menu with some potatoes, at least try to be as healthy as possible. Although it may sound contradictory, french fries light there and some fast food chains have them without increasing the price too. The secret is in its development, as they have a special coating that manages to absorb up to 30% less fat while in the fryer without losing flavor. If you cannot choose this option, another possibility baked potatoes are baked, a much healthier alternative to fried.

Salad With Oil And Vinegar: In all fast food restaurants there are menus where the salad is the main course, so it becomes the best alternative to enjoy a healthy diet. However, given the choice, you have to prioritize salads dressed with oil and vinegar against which include sauces, cheese, honey, mustard, cocktail sauce, mayonnaise, bacon, croutons, and so on . It is preferable to opt for a Mediterranean salad made with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and tuna, as others raise caloric intake exponentially.

The Greener, The Better: Whether on a pizza, a burger or a sandwich, the greener, the better, because that means that includes vegetables and vegetables that counteract saturated fats. In the case of Italian cuisine can opt for vegetable lasagne or a vegetable pizza with mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, onions, zucchini … This trick must be taken into account in the sandwiches and burgers, as always opt for healthier menus with tomato, lettuce, onion and cucumber fresh, that those that include bacon, cheese and fried onions.

Guts Recipe: It’s worth spending some time to read carefully the details of each of the recipes because they can provide clues to how they are made and therefore whether they are more or less healthy. All those recipes that include words like creamy, crunchy, breaded, fried or bathed, are almost always more caloric than others whose preparation is simpler, grilled, baked or grilled.

Choose The Small Size: In a fast food restaurant we should not be guided by offers that suggest choosing a size larger serving for just a few cents more, since the calories consumed multiply. Although it is more expensive compared, it is advisable to ask for medium or even small compared to giant sizes.

Water Better Than Soda: Almost as important as choosing good food is to choose a drink chord. If we overdo the calories consumed on the menu, it is essential not add more calories and added sugars drinking. It is therefore important to opt for water or natural juices against sugary sodas.

Fruit As The Finale: If the consumption of a food calorie we add even more calories dessert, the combination is dangerous to health. If we have spent with the main course we must avoid cakes, brownies, profiteroles, or crepes, which do nothing but shoot the consumption of sugar and fat. In most fast food restaurants you can make a salad fruit, UniBurger or ice cream (if possible without syrup).

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