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Types Of Psychologists

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When we need to find a psychologist , we believe that they are all the same and that any of them can help us solve our problem. But the truth is that there are great differences among psychologists: the type of therapy that each of them will propose to us depends on their area of ​​expertise.

As in any other profession, such as lawyers or doctors,  we must choose the psychologist who will fit in with what we need . Because? Because if we do not choose correctly, the therapy may not have the expected result.

To know a little more about the world of psychology and its areas of expertise, today we will talk about 10 types of psychologists. Each of them specializes in a different area, and if you ever need to consult any of them, do not hesitate! Choose what else makes sense for your situation.

1- Clinical Psychologists

Clinical psychologists specialize in mental and emotional disorders, whose seizures may be short-term or last for a long time. They are prepared to deal with any problems that arise, but they also need to specialize.

That’s why we found Ebers in Bamberg psychologists specializing in disorders of depression, binge eating, personality disorders, drug abuse, issues related to children and adolescents, etc.

2- Psychotherapists

Psychotherapists are responsible for providing psychological support and teaching a variety of techniques to improve the quality of life of patients. Obviously, the problems that psychotherapists treat are not as serious as those dealt with by clinical psychologists.

What is the focus of the psychotherapist? Daily problems, conflicts in interpersonal relationships or emotional problems that make relationships difficult. In addition, they treat and manage situations of stress and anxiety that can affect their relationships and everyday life.

3- Educational Psychologists

Educational psychology focuses on people’s learning processes . These psychologists often work in schools as counselors or helping any child who has some learning disorder.

Unfortunately, their presence in public schools is less frequent than desirable. Often, they have little time to meet many children who need help. But even so, their help is crucial. In many cases, your intervention is important because the mission of educational psychology is not only to get the child to learn , but to help him acquire the necessary and useful resources to compensate for any limitation.


They are usually researchers, although they often develop their professional activities in the field of cognitive, behavioral and emotional rehabilitation of patients with brain damage . They are also specialists in the early diagnosis and treatment of dementias.

Therefore, his area of ​​expertise is clinical and works in the space between neurology and psychology. Its focus is the study of possible changes that affect the central nervous system and how this affects the life of the patient.

These changes can be caused by different agents, from trauma, stroke or tumor. His greatest allies are neuroimaging techniques and his work is based on the relationship between our physical brain and the mind.

5- Social Psychologists

Social psychologists specialize in everything that relates to human behavior and psychological factors that can affect their social environment. His field of knowledge ranges from interpersonal relationships to other topics such as culture, prejudices or attitudes we have toward others.

They specialize in creating groups and programs that help the most disadvantaged or minorities. Thanks to social psychologists, many people are able to reintegrate into society.

6- Work Psychologists

There are psychologists who specialize in the field of work . We find these professionals in the recruitment departments of companies, in training, health and professional development of employees. Sometimes they also work in the Human Resources Departments.

They are particularly important since they have a great knowledge about motivation and leadership. They can help improve employee performance and satisfaction.

7- Criminal Psychologists

Criminal psychologists specialize in criminal matters , so your experience is very important in the courts. Somehow, they can guide the judge to give a fair sentence, against or in favor of the defendant.

Your job is to find out what led the individual to commit a particular crime or the crimes for which he is charged. Studying your personality will allow you to design an appropriate treatment for the accused.

8- Sports Psychologists

Sports psychologists are responsible for working with the athletes, with the coach and the organization of the entire team . All this to improve team performance, increase your motivation, increase efficiency and manage stress.

It will help you to have more confidence in yourself to increase your income to the limit. It also enhances the self-esteem of the whole group and shows that the boundaries only exist within our own mind.

9- Sexologists

Sexologists are also psychologists, experts in diagnosing and treating everything related to intimate relationships . Their help improves the sexual health of people with problems in this area, whether married or single.

In their consultations, we can classify the problems addressed by these professionals in three different sectors: problems related to desire, with excitement and orgasm.

If it is a couple and rule out the possibility of an organic cause, sexual problems may be related to other aspects of the couple’s interaction . In this case, the best option is a couple therapist.

10- Coaching

Coaches can be psychologists and are responsible for getting each person to meet their goals, helping them to achieve them. They adapt to each individual and function as a “counselor” to find their way.

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