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Essential Things (And Some Not So Much) That You Must Take At The Time Of Camping

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Many of us going camping have found ourselves unprepared and without enough things to have a good experience and not end up going hungry, cold or uncomfortable. From small we are taught that a good way to organize a trip, is to make a list. So let’s follow this childhood recommendation and prepare a detailed note with all the things we have to take to be 100% ready for all kinds of situations and possible problems. Here is a list of articles for a great camping. Some are fundamental and others, if you dare to be a bit more charged, could get you out of more of a problem. Also, everything you carry will be conditioned by how many days you go and how much budget you have.

What To Bring To Camp ?:

To mount the tent, we must have a cover coat, stakes, old (those are the ropes that go to the tent), dogs clothes and ropes: I hope to carry several meters of rope to be able to mount shopkeepers and assert your tent. To have a more pleasant stay in your tent, you should also bring a sleeping bag, a pillow, blankets, blankets, a table, chairs, mattresses and an insulated floor that you can put under the sleeping bag to help preserve the hot.

Thread Tools

There can always be unforeseen on the ground , lack of food or have problems with the tent, so we recommend you always have with you a scissor, a pen, a flashlight, a lamp (with light bulbs and fuels such as batteries or gas) , A hammer to nail the stakes, a shovel that will allow you to make gutters around the tent, a small ax to cut wood, a broom to clean the place and a brush to wash the clothes.

Appropriate Clothing

Depending on the climate of the place you go, it will depend on the clothes you need to wear.  But most of the camping outings we do during the summer, so do not forget to bring t-shirts, trousers with several pockets, bath toilets, sports divers, jeans, ch-alas, shorts and swimwear. But at night it can cool, so he wears vests, parka, short wind, sneakers and closed boots.

Bags And Backpacks

Remember to bring a camping bag that fits your luggage needs. But it also takes a smaller one to make short trips to nearby places. This will avoid heavy loads when you make day trips. Take several plastic bags , both to pick up your trash, to leave dirty clothes and items that can spill into your bag. They are also useful when grouping and classifying items in your luggage.


Foods that require refrigeration, better buy them in a nearby warehouse and consume them the same day. You can also take them frozen for the first few days, especially if you have a cooler. Among the foods that you should carry are coffee, individual soups, puree, rice, noodles, legumes, tomato sauce, tuna, hard boiled eggs, salami or other smoked meat, powdered game and canned fruit.

For breakfast should have jam, delicacy, honey, butter, coffee, tea, natural herbs, powdered milk, and small boxes of milk to consume quickly. Do not forget to carry plenty of drinking water in drums ; In some campsites do not have it and in others, there is simply no water.

To Cook

At the time of cooking do not forget to take a best camping cookware thermos, corks, corkscrews, kitchen knives, a strainer, a Grill and grill iron. When it comes to keeping food and protect it from bugs, it is imperative that you have all plastic or aluminum foil.

First Aid Kit

Being in the middle of nature can be very fun and relaxing, but it can also be dangerous. An accident can always occur and, in general, emergency places are far away. That is why you always have to be prepared and carry a first aid kit that includes adhesive fabric, burn cream, alcohol or other disinfectant, bandage patches, cotton and gauze.

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