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6 Perfect Post Workout Meal

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Because the nutrient requirement is particularly high following a strenuous workout, you should ensure that you provide your body with a best post workout food to initiate the regeneration process as quickly as possible. To this end, we’ve brought you 6 delicious recipes to help you do something good for your body.

Meal 1 – Protein Pancakes

Pancakes are among the most popular meals, not least because of the innumerable taste variants and the simple preparation, even among the athletes. To make the dough you need only 4 egg whites, 50 grams of delicate oat flakes, 50 grams of cottage cheese, a pinch of baking soda and half a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Put all the ingredients together in a bowl, place the mixture in a greased, pre-heated pan, and let it all dress for 30-60 seconds before turning the pancake. To round off the protein-rich treat, you can fill the pancake with berries, apple slices or banana pieces as desired, so that your body can be optimally supplied with carbohydrates and protein after training.

Meal 2 – Beef With Marinated Pumpkin

If you want to get a little more hungry after a hard workout, this dish is just right for you. First, you should buy the meat of your trust about 250 grams of beef. In the first step you crush a medium sized butternut squash, put it in a pan for about 30 minutes at low heat until the pumpkin pieces have a soft consistency. Then, cut the meat into bite-size pieces and fry it with some salt and pepper together with the butternut squash and add a marinade of your choice.

Nutritional Values: 628 kilocalories 38 g carbohydrates 70 g protein 18 g of fat

Meal 3 – Tuna With Crackers

In the fitness scene the practice is to eat tuna directly from the can, although very common, but sometimes honest, a palate is really not. It is much better to combine the fish with a side dish, which not only enhances the taste but also provides valuable carbohydrates for replenishing your carbohydrate stores. All you need is a can of tuna in your own juice, around 125 grams of salted whole grain crackers, a few chopped pickle cucumbers, as well as some pepper and a shot of olive oil for the taste. The ingredients are put into a bowl, crushed and then filled the resulting mass into a plastic box.

Nutritional Values: 379 kilocalories 24 g carbohydrates 41 g protein 13 g of fat

Meal 4 – Oatmeal With An Extra Protein

Nothing gives you as much power as a porridge based on oatmeal and whey protein. For the preparation, you only need 75 grams of oatmeal, 1-2 spoons of protein powder, 100 grams of dried fruit and a tablespoon of sliced ​​almonds. If you put it all together in a bowl, pour the mixture with 120 milliliters of water and let it pass through the fridge overnight. With some cinnamon and stevia you can also refine the taste.

Nutritional Values: 422 calories 48 g carbohydrates 31 g protein 12.5 g of fat

Meal 5 – Scrambled Eggs

In general, the classic scrambled eggs are not necessarily a sports-friendly dish, so many athletes are completely ignored, but this is completely unnecessary, as an effortless post-workout meal can be prepared with little effort. In the first step, you put two egg whites together with two whole eggs in a bowl and mix them with a pinch of pepper. Then you add 125 grams of vegetables, depending on the selection of the vegetable varieties. Spinach, onions, mushrooms and red peppers are particularly suitable. To add a little protein to the scrambled eggs, add 60 grams of low fat ham before adding the scrambled eggs to a pan and let them stand at medium heat.

Nutritional Values: 520 kilocalories 29 g carbohydrates 37 g protein 23 g of fat

Meal 6 – Chicken Breast With Chopped Sweet Potatoes

To make this treat, you need about 250 grams of chicken breast fillet, which you crushed and fried in a pan with a dash of olive oil golden brown. Following this, you begin to dice 125 grams of sweet potatoes and add them together with a crushed apple and a dash of salt and cinnamon to the meat.

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