What Can Be Done With A Blender?

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Many people do not realize the importance of the blender in the kitchen until the appliance breaks down or stops working properly. As we said, it is used quite often to grind countless foods after use to prepare delicious meals, even people who perform some type of training or follow a special diet, use a blender every morning to prepare their nutritious smoothies, green juices, etc.

But this is just a sample of what can be done with a blender, because the possibilities are virtually limitless. Check out some recipes that can be made with a blender:

Pancakes And Waffles

A blender may make necessary to make delicious pancakes and waffles mixture. The advantage of this is that the ingredients are easily undone, so at the end you get a smooth consistency that allows you to pour without complication portions perfect, even to the mix can add pieces of fruit or chocolate to give them a better taste.

All Kinds Of Sauces

Making sauces in a blender is not complicated, you simply require for example, cook a couple of tomatoes and serrano chili, fry a slice of onion, then add all these foods in the blender. Add a little water or chicken broth and give full power to your blender.

Of course if you do not like it spicy, you can remove chile or even remove the seeds. The important thing is that you can combine different ingredients to create delicious sauces to accompany your meal.


A good soup is not one that can be prepared in the microwave; It is that you start to prepare from ingredients in a blender grind. There are countless recipes for making delicious soups, which mostly require using this appliance.

For example, if you want to prepare a cream of pumpkin soup, you’ll need to liquefy pumpkins along with the vegetable stock, so you can get the desired consistency once you add the cream him.


If you’ve never thinking of preparing your own condiments, but you have a juicer at home, it’s time you try. For example, the homemade mayonnaise basically requires only four ingredients: olive oil, eggs, lemon juice and a pinch of salt.

All that you put in the blender and voila, you have your own homemade mayonnaise. Even if you do not want to be preparing tomato sauce every day, you can simply liquefy enough tomatoes for sauce bottle and use it as the go need, you may even be an excellent gift for a family member or close friend.

Homemade Bread

You can also quickly mix homemade bread just to directly add ingredients to the blender jar. You not even have to wash another container as this device will handle Blend all ingredients instantly. The mixture obtained is ready to continue the process, so you save a lot of time in preparation.

Protein Shakes

There is nothing healthier and satisfying to make your own protein shake in the morning, just with food and ingredients you love. Thanks to the great power and the edge of their knives, blenders are capable of crushing even chunks of ice, so at the end of your smoothies are not only rich in protein and healthy, but also also consume very cold.

Peanut Butter

If there is something that the kids love, it’s peanut butter, even more so when you prepare at home. The great thing about it is that it is very simple to perform, in addition to the ingredients are readily available. Once you’ve done your homework, you simply must put all ingredients in blender and blend until they are as dust.

And as you can see, there are plenty of things you can make with a blender, even without any experience in the kitchen. It is then an appliance that greatly facilitates the task of grinding or milling foods to prepare rich sauces, soups, stews and pretty much you name it. If you like to read more articles about blenders then please visit at Cocina Española website. At here you can find helpful articles & also you can read how you can buy a new blender at affordable prices.

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Instructions For Fitting Your Custom Stickers

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■ Rectangle stickers: standard sized stickers to identify all the everyday accessories.

■ Round stickers: These labels are practical for marking shoes as well as outdoor sports equipment such as skis, bikes, skates

■ Mini stickers: stickers to personalize small objects with discreet marking .

■ 2 line stickers: a self-adhesive label available with 2 lines of text to add additional information to your name.

■ Sticky Sign: a small round sticker highly appreciated by teenagers to write their initials, a sober and discreet marking.

These stickers stick efficiently on all objects, resist water, weather and the dishwasher at 65 °. Their vinyl composition is a plasticized, flexible and impermeable material.


1 – These custom stickers apply to any hard, smooth surface.

2 – Avoid placing stickers on granular substrates.

2 – The surface must be clean and dry at the time of application.

3 – If you want to put your marking in the dishwasher, wait 24 hours after laying.


These stickers are designed to personalize your shoes and also to mark all your bulky items (suitcase, skis, surf, bike, skate, scooter )

They are very resistant to friction and bad weather.


1 – First glue the transparent film (lamination) on the printed sticker. 2 – Apply the set on the insole of the shoe, at the heel location. Thanks to the lamination, your marking will resist friction, perspiration and water.

Custom Stickers can be used for indoor or outdoor usage to deliver your message. Not sure exactly what material is the best fit for your job? Go check out our custom air release graphic film, floor decalsand customized vinyl stickers online to make the best decision for your job to meet your own needs.

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5 Heart Care Tips

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These recommendations can help you prevent cardiovascular disease as well as stroke. It is important to know how to read blood studies, how to take the pulse and pressure and how to feed.

1.) Take Care Of Your Daily Intake: Many of us ingest between 100 and 1000 calories more than we need per day. An extra portion, a second course of meat; All contribute to weight gain, and being overweight is one of the worst things you can do for your heart. Most women need about 2000 kcal a day to stay healthy, and men, about 2550. That equates to approximately 300 to 400 kcal for breakfast, 500 to 600 for lunch, 600 to 700 for dinner, And two or three snacks of about 100 to 200 kcal each. But obsessively counting calories is not the best way to match your food intake to your body’s energy needs, because it’s also hard to know exactly how many calories a processed food can have. It is much better to change the type of food you eat. It is almost impossible to consume too many calories if you choose fruits and vegetables, in addition to incorporating a good amount of nutrients for coronary health.

2.) Cholesterol Counts: People with hypercholesterolemia are three times more likely to have a stroke than those who maintain values ​​within the established parameters. This risk factor causes 33% of cardiovascular diseases. It is important to know your total cholesterol, but also your LDL (bad) and HDL (it’s called “good” cholesterol because it helps you collect bad cholesterol and prevent heart attacks). Proposed to have a total cholesterol lower than 200 mg / dl, and an LDL level close to 100 mg / dl. The healthy level of HDL cholesterol is 45 mg / dl in a healthy person, and 50 mg / dl when there were heart problems. That is to say that the less total cholesterol, the better; And the higher the HDL and the lower the LDL, too.

3.) Measure Blood Pressure: Frequent blood pressure checks will help detect a potential problem early. A value of 140/90 (mmHg) or more is considered high pressure. If it is between 120/80 and 139/89 mm Hg, you may be at risk and should take measures to prevent hypertension. Eating fruits and vegetables high in potassium may help. Ask your doctor to take your blood pressure at each visit and ask how often you should measure it.

4.) Check Triglycerides: It is normal to have some triglycerides in the bloodstream, but high levels have been associated with coronary heart disease, especially in women. If you have high triglycerides and low HDL cholesterol, the risk of developing insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome increases. Normal levels are less than 200 mg / dl; While levels of 200 to 400 mg / dl are considered at the upper limit. Those that are between 400 to 1000 mg / dl are considered “high” and more than 1000 mg / dl, “very high”. A triglyceride test is usually done with the same blood sample that is used for the cholesterol test. Your doctor will advise you how often to check your triglyceride level.

5.) The Morning Pulse: It’s the number of times your heart pumps in a minute. If you take your pulse at rest frequently, when you wake up, you can determine if your exercise regimen is strengthening your heart. For example, a normal pulse at rest is 60 to 90 beats per minute. People in good physical condition tend to have lower resting heart rates because their heart muscles are also in shape. But if you do not exercise regularly, and your heart rate is lower than normal, consult with the Dr George Shapiro MD FACC .

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Here Are The 8 Points To Choose Our Spinning Bike.

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Our Health

It is a fitness device to use with a high performance, if you are starting my advice is to start with a static bike, however much you want to get fit and lose weight has to be a progressive increase for your body to get accustomed, as It is often said, the first thing is not to lose weight, it is to educate ourselves to take care of ourselves, to take bad habits and to make others better like to make bicycle, be it of spinning or static. Some high-impact exercises are advised against certain physical conditions, in case you have any doubts, ask your doctor for advice or do some tests.


In this type of exercise we have to be sure that we have a completely flat surface, because in case of using it at a high speed we can have several risks if it wobbles or moves a little, usually is not usually a problem, but it is always good Look at it and especially in carpet and other issues, which can destabilize us because they deform and gradually make the bicycle lose balance.

User Capacity

It is another quite obvious detail, as we said in the guide of buying the static bicycles, we have to think that if we are at the limit it is good that we choose another model in case in some case we took more weight, also be careful that nobody that exceeds The maximum weight can use it, we can cause damage to the moving parts or the motor itself, causing future repair, or even some risk of having a problem in the middle of the exercise.

Weight Of Flywheel

It is a detail where one distinguishes between one of more quality and another one of less, because it is usually the trap in this purchase, we see a few kilos in this characteristic and although we do not know what it means, we like the color and we buy it, we have to see As an investment in our health, if you have enough weight the exercise will be much more fluid, It will give us that real feeling of cycling outdoors, the price varies a lot depending on this component. This is a simple table to see where you think it is your ideal:

Flywheel of 13 to 15kg

Objective: To perform physical exercise occasionally to activate circulation or weight loss.

User: Does not do any type of exercise, nor does he have any sports experience.

16 to 20kg Flywheel

Objective: To exercise regularly to maintain a good fitness, and even to complement other sports training such as cycling.

User: Is accustomed to exercise at least 3 days a week, and begins to control their workouts

+ 20kg Inertia Flywheel

Objective: Exercise daily to improve performance or fitness

User: Performs more than 3 training sessions per week. Your workouts are aimed at improving your results

If you want to see the models & the most bought, find out more here.


One detail to keep in mind is that we surely need to hydrate when we are exercising, in addition to resistance sessions is the most advisable, it is very practical to see if it has a bottle holder to be able to put an isotonic drink or water and can take it comfortably, on all if I have enough height.

Brake And Resistance

They are linked because one affects the other, the resistance can be friction or magnetic which is the most advisable to be silent and progressive. We found different brake system on spinning bikes:

Friction: They have a unique shoe that acts of vertical form on the flywheel of inertia.

Friction With 2 Shoes: also called sled brake, is the same system of road bikes, push the sides of the flywheel on the sides.


When talking about a machine in which the mechanics have to operate with very specific characteristics to a good level, some parts of this device are quite expensive, so although it is always regulated by consumer law, we have to see if we have Facilities to be able to change them and exactly what they cover is one of the most important reasons where you would not fully recommend buying a second hand unless you know what you are doing or want to take the risk.


Spinning bikes are a complete exercise, ideal for beginners but more advisable with some experience or if we really want to get in shape from all levels. They offer a very high performance and great conditions as they give us a natural exercise that closely resembles the traditional road bike, something that I think we all hold dear and we love being able to practice from time to time with the Peculiarity that those of spinning allow us to do it at any time, with any meteorological condition and without depending on factors like the zone or the traffic.

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The 11 Best Tips For Newborn Care: Hair, Nails, Bath, Creams And More

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Arriving home with the newborn raises many doubts to the parents. In the hospital there was not much to do because the baby slept almost at all hours, and at best he was doing a quick wash for what has not yet fallen the cord, so when you see alone with the baby appear the first questions.

The most common are those related to care: when you cut your nails, if you have to cut their hair, when to put moisturizing cream, how often to bathe them, how to do it, etc. The baby shower With the intention to group all the advice on that in a single entrance today we offer you the best advice for the care of the newborn.

  1. The Cure Of The Umbilical Cord

The umbilical cord , upon ceasing to receive blood supply, mummifies and eventually falls after a few days. How to cure it depends a little on the hospital in which the baby is born, because there are those who recommend using alcohol of 70ºC, some say that only water and soap and some say that nothing needs to be done.

All the solutions are correct, because in a 2004 WHO study review of 22 studies with 8,959 babies, they found that it was indifferent how the navel was cured when comparing the use of antiseptic with cord care in Dry. So in the background it does not matter how to cure it (provided povidone iodine is not used). In case it smells bad or supure, it is necessary to take it to the pediatrician.

  1. Clothes In The Early Days

To shelter it? Do not shelter it? During the first days it is interesting to have the baby relatively warm, as it comes from the maternal uterus where it was at a high temperature compared to the outside. Do not go over, but do not put it exactly as we go, or if it goes the same, be clear that we are in an environment where it can not get cold. Once the first few days pass, it is often said that you have to dress them with a sleeve more than we do . It is a way of explaining that they would have to go just like adults, but with a thinner capita, because they do not regulate temperature like us and, besides, they do not have the amount of fat that we do have and that in a way protects us (And I’m not talking about being overweight or anything like that, but that they have very finite skin and we, even thin, not so much).

The ideal in this regard is to touch the area of ​​the neck and back. This way we will know if they are comfortable or if they are cold or hot.

  1. The Bathroom

For a long time the babies bathed each day for hygiene as well as for that to be relaxed before going to sleep. The reality is that not everyone relaxes (many have a pipe and leave the bath more awake than they entered) and bathing them every day can be too. And it is that the bath resects the skin, eliminates the natural bacteria we have and many babies suffer afterwards, in the form of eczema and skin infections. Come on, it is advisable to bathe the baby every two or three days, and on the days that do not bathe make some diaper change with soap and water.

How to bathe the baby? With the water at a suitable temperature (about 36 degrees), in a place where it is not cold and with everything ready for later. Now comes summer and there is not much problem, but in cold weather it is interesting to dry the baby well, especially in the folds, and then dry it and dress it fast.

  1. The Cream After The Bath

Just as the bath is usually done every day, or was done every day, the cream after bath also seems something that should be done yes or yes. The reality is that the first few days are interesting, because in many cases babies “peel”, but after the first few days a baby does not usually need creams or oils or prevention of bumps. According to the American Pediatric Association (AAP), “a baby does not need to be routinely put on creams, oils, or powders. “

This does not mean that it is bad, but only a practical and economic question. If the baby’s skin is fine do not need to put anything. If it is a little dry in some areas, it is put baby cream (cream better than oil, which moisturizes less) in those areas, or if you want all over the body until there are dry areas.

As advice, if you take the time to put the cream to give the baby a little massage, I would do it every day, but not for the cream, but for the massage. It is a moment of affection towards him and those moments are very important for both.

  1. Nail Care

Nails do not have to do anything special beyond cutting them when needed. Many parents believe they cannot be cut until babies are one month old, or a specific age. The truth is that there is no minimum age to cut a baby’s nails. It is rather a matter of logic. If the baby has long nails because they are cut, be as old as you have them.

It can be done with a file or it can be made with round scissors and it is better to do it at some time that is relatively calm. Anyway, we have to hold his hand well, lest a move take us to cut what we should not.

  1. The Eyes, Ears And Nose

With the eyes, the ears and the nose there is nothing to do, but in case it is needed, it is worth knowing how to do it. If there is leukemia, which at the beginning may be common because the tear ducts do not always work well and do not clean the eye as they should, clean with a little serum and a gauze to clean from the inside out and then throwing it (only one pass By gauze).

If we see wax, just clean the wax part we see, the outside, and best not to use rods. As we told you a few months ago, the best way to clean the ears is with the elbow. I mean, do not put anything inside.

In the case of the nose, if we notice that it has moquitos and does not breathe well, since they do not remove the mucus voluntarily, it is recommended to use physiological serum. The least aggressive way to do this is to gradually shed it, drop by drop, through the nostrils, so that the mucus will dilate and come out more easily through the nose or swallowed.

  1. How To Clean The Diaper Area

As I said before, the ideal is to make at least one change a day with soap and water. If they can be more, then more, they always clean better than the wipes. The direction we use to clean is important, because depending on how we do it we will take the remains to the place where we remove the hand. It is important, then, to do it from the genitals to the anus. From top to bottom, so that the feces do not go to the genitals, but quite the opposite.

  1. When The Pussy Grows Stiff

If you are not irritated after cleaning, you do not need to put anything. If it is irritated, we put paste in the water in the diaper changes until the perianal area is rosadita and toilet again. One way to make homemade baby cream is by using a mixture of cornstarch and olive oil, which also works.

  1. Washing Baby Clothes

The skin of babies is quite delicate and usually responds easily to any “aggression”. Surely you will have noticed that if you catch them naked our fingers are marked for a while. To avoid possible reactions, it is advisable to wash the baby’s clothes separately, to make sure that it clears well and if possible do not use softener, since it causes many allergic reactions on the skin (granite, redness, etc.). It is advisable to do the same with your sheets and blankets and with ours if the child ends up in our bed or takes a nap in it.

  1. What To Do With The Cradle?

The cradle is the scab that comes to the infants. That’s why it’s called that (nothing to do with breast milk). It is an aesthetic problem, a seborrheic dermatitis that does not produce any symptoms and, as such, is only removed if you will (unless there are signs of infection). In case you want to remove it, what is usually recommended is to use olive, almond or baby oil, applying it on the head for a while. This massage with oil softens the scabs and so, half an hour later, they jump when they bathe and sponge their heads. It is done slowly, with love, and without waiting for everything to fall in one day (a few drops every time it is done).

  1. Cutting Or Not Cutting Hair

The baby’s haircut is also done because of aesthetics. In the first months a great part of the hair of baby often falls and many are practically bald. Then, at about six months, the definitive hair begins to appear. Cutting it will not make the hair come out stronger, so it is only done if the parents consider that the baby will be better with short hair. To do this, scissors with a round tip should be used (the blade is totally inadvisable and the clipper can hurt it) and to keep the baby calm so as not to hurt him.

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Train Your Brain! – 5 Mental Health Benefits Of Martial Arts

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Have you ever wondered why fitness junkies always seem super Zen? Rarely do we encounter people leaving the gym looking stressed. It’s not just a mindset that you adopt in order to keep on working out effectively. Rather, exercise – and physical activity in general – have long been proven to have positive effects on mental stability. There’s a huge body of research that shows that exercise results in the release of ¨feel good” chemicals into the brain, ultimately boosting your positive mood, self-esteem, concentration, and overall wellness.

Martial Arts and its varied disciplines have become a widely popular form of exercise. Whilst Martial arts demand agility, endurance and strength, a large part of studying is about gaining mental stability, focus and control through meditation and learning to find your “inner strength.”

Here Are 5 Mental Health Benefits Of Martial Arts That We’ve Come Across:

It Decreases Stress

Stress is among the top causes of health issues in North America and the United Kingdom today. A number of studies have shown that prolonged stress can result in heart disease, anxiety, chronic headaches and much more. Martial arts demand a high level of cardio and focus. Many who practice find they forget the day’s irritations and are forced to concentrate only on their body’s movements. Tensions in your mind and body are also released through movement and physical activity.

Aside from that, a wide variety of martial arts also include breathing exercises, introduce meditation techniques, and generally promote discipline and control over one’s emotions. These are also very large contributors to stress reduction.

It Releases “Feel Good” Chemicals

Physical activity works to increase the production of your brain’s “feel-good” neurotransmitters called endorphins. This results in increased energy, positivity and optimism, which can help you to remain calm and clear in your daily routine. You also get strong dopamine levels, which can help improve your mood.

It Decreases Anger And Frustration

Martial arts provide a constructive outlet for frustration in a safe and controlled environment. Let’s be honest, it feels really good to take your anger out physically on a willing sparring partner. You get the opportunity to go all-out because your opponent is someone with whom you’ve consented to fight, and because combat takes place under the careful guidance of your instructors.

It Increases Confidence And Self Esteem

Like any form of exercise, you feel a sense of achievement and success when you put in a lot of effort. The martial arts in particular promote such confidence boosting, because it’s very easy to see the improvement and development of your form and ability. Also, the physical results you see will not only help you look and feel better, but also act as proof of your efforts and accomplishments.

It Helps You Relax

Martial arts at www.blackbeltmuenchen.com teach us the ability to mentally relax through meditation and focused breathing techniques. It also teaches us the skill of mental control in order to push our limits. The skills help us to cope with sudden stresses in the ring and in everyday life.

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Types Of Psychologists

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When we need to find a psychologist , we believe that they are all the same and that any of them can help us solve our problem. But the truth is that there are great differences among psychologists: the type of therapy that each of them will propose to us depends on their area of ​​expertise.

As in any other profession, such as lawyers or doctors,  we must choose the psychologist who will fit in with what we need . Because? Because if we do not choose correctly, the therapy may not have the expected result.

To know a little more about the world of psychology and its areas of expertise, today we will talk about 10 types of psychologists. Each of them specializes in a different area, and if you ever need to consult any of them, do not hesitate! Choose what else makes sense for your situation.

1- Clinical Psychologists

Clinical psychologists specialize in mental and emotional disorders, whose seizures may be short-term or last for a long time. They are prepared to deal with any problems that arise, but they also need to specialize.

That’s why we found Ebers in Bamberg psychologists specializing in disorders of depression, binge eating, personality disorders, drug abuse, issues related to children and adolescents, etc.

2- Psychotherapists

Psychotherapists are responsible for providing psychological support and teaching a variety of techniques to improve the quality of life of patients. Obviously, the problems that psychotherapists treat are not as serious as those dealt with by clinical psychologists.

What is the focus of the psychotherapist? Daily problems, conflicts in interpersonal relationships or emotional problems that make relationships difficult. In addition, they treat and manage situations of stress and anxiety that can affect their relationships and everyday life.

3- Educational Psychologists

Educational psychology focuses on people’s learning processes . These psychologists often work in schools as counselors or helping any child who has some learning disorder.

Unfortunately, their presence in public schools is less frequent than desirable. Often, they have little time to meet many children who need help. But even so, their help is crucial. In many cases, your intervention is important because the mission of educational psychology is not only to get the child to learn , but to help him acquire the necessary and useful resources to compensate for any limitation.


They are usually researchers, although they often develop their professional activities in the field of cognitive, behavioral and emotional rehabilitation of patients with brain damage . They are also specialists in the early diagnosis and treatment of dementias.

Therefore, his area of ​​expertise is clinical and works in the space between neurology and psychology. Its focus is the study of possible changes that affect the central nervous system and how this affects the life of the patient.

These changes can be caused by different agents, from trauma, stroke or tumor. His greatest allies are neuroimaging techniques and his work is based on the relationship between our physical brain and the mind.

5- Social Psychologists

Social psychologists specialize in everything that relates to human behavior and psychological factors that can affect their social environment. His field of knowledge ranges from interpersonal relationships to other topics such as culture, prejudices or attitudes we have toward others.

They specialize in creating groups and programs that help the most disadvantaged or minorities. Thanks to social psychologists, many people are able to reintegrate into society.

6- Work Psychologists

There are psychologists who specialize in the field of work . We find these professionals in the recruitment departments of companies, in training, health and professional development of employees. Sometimes they also work in the Human Resources Departments.

They are particularly important since they have a great knowledge about motivation and leadership. They can help improve employee performance and satisfaction.

7- Criminal Psychologists

Criminal psychologists specialize in criminal matters , so your experience is very important in the courts. Somehow, they can guide the judge to give a fair sentence, against or in favor of the defendant.

Your job is to find out what led the individual to commit a particular crime or the crimes for which he is charged. Studying your personality will allow you to design an appropriate treatment for the accused.

8- Sports Psychologists

Sports psychologists are responsible for working with the athletes, with the coach and the organization of the entire team . All this to improve team performance, increase your motivation, increase efficiency and manage stress.

It will help you to have more confidence in yourself to increase your income to the limit. It also enhances the self-esteem of the whole group and shows that the boundaries only exist within our own mind.

9- Sexologists

Sexologists are also psychologists, experts in diagnosing and treating everything related to intimate relationships . Their help improves the sexual health of people with problems in this area, whether married or single.

In their consultations, we can classify the problems addressed by these professionals in three different sectors: problems related to desire, with excitement and orgasm.

If it is a couple and rule out the possibility of an organic cause, sexual problems may be related to other aspects of the couple’s interaction . In this case, the best option is a couple therapist.

10- Coaching

Coaches can be psychologists and are responsible for getting each person to meet their goals, helping them to achieve them. They adapt to each individual and function as a “counselor” to find their way.

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