6 Perfect Post Workout Meal

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Because the nutrient requirement is particularly high following a strenuous workout, you should ensure that you provide your body with a best post workout food to initiate the regeneration process as quickly as possible. To this end, we’ve brought you 6 delicious recipes to help you do something good for your body.

Meal 1 – Protein Pancakes

Pancakes are among the most popular meals, not least because of the innumerable taste variants and the simple preparation, even among the athletes. To make the dough you need only 4 egg whites, 50 grams of delicate oat flakes, 50 grams of cottage cheese, a pinch of baking soda and half a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Put all the ingredients together in a bowl, place the mixture in a greased, pre-heated pan, and let it all dress for 30-60 seconds before turning the pancake. To round off the protein-rich treat, you can fill the pancake with berries, apple slices or banana pieces as desired, so that your body can be optimally supplied with carbohydrates and protein after training.

Meal 2 – Beef With Marinated Pumpkin

If you want to get a little more hungry after a hard workout, this dish is just right for you. First, you should buy the meat of your trust about 250 grams of beef. In the first step you crush a medium sized butternut squash, put it in a pan for about 30 minutes at low heat until the pumpkin pieces have a soft consistency. Then, cut the meat into bite-size pieces and fry it with some salt and pepper together with the butternut squash and add a marinade of your choice.

Nutritional Values: 628 kilocalories 38 g carbohydrates 70 g protein 18 g of fat

Meal 3 – Tuna With Crackers

In the fitness scene the practice is to eat tuna directly from the can, although very common, but sometimes honest, a palate is really not. It is much better to combine the fish with a side dish, which not only enhances the taste but also provides valuable carbohydrates for replenishing your carbohydrate stores. All you need is a can of tuna in your own juice, around 125 grams of salted whole grain crackers, a few chopped pickle cucumbers, as well as some pepper and a shot of olive oil for the taste. The ingredients are put into a bowl, crushed and then filled the resulting mass into a plastic box.

Nutritional Values: 379 kilocalories 24 g carbohydrates 41 g protein 13 g of fat

Meal 4 – Oatmeal With An Extra Protein

Nothing gives you as much power as a porridge based on oatmeal and whey protein. For the preparation, you only need 75 grams of oatmeal, 1-2 spoons of protein powder, 100 grams of dried fruit and a tablespoon of sliced ​​almonds. If you put it all together in a bowl, pour the mixture with 120 milliliters of water and let it pass through the fridge overnight. With some cinnamon and stevia you can also refine the taste.

Nutritional Values: 422 calories 48 g carbohydrates 31 g protein 12.5 g of fat

Meal 5 – Scrambled Eggs

In general, the classic scrambled eggs are not necessarily a sports-friendly dish, so many athletes are completely ignored, but this is completely unnecessary, as an effortless post-workout meal can be prepared with little effort. In the first step, you put two egg whites together with two whole eggs in a bowl and mix them with a pinch of pepper. Then you add 125 grams of vegetables, depending on the selection of the vegetable varieties. Spinach, onions, mushrooms and red peppers are particularly suitable. To add a little protein to the scrambled eggs, add 60 grams of low fat ham before adding the scrambled eggs to a pan and let them stand at medium heat.

Nutritional Values: 520 kilocalories 29 g carbohydrates 37 g protein 23 g of fat

Meal 6 – Chicken Breast With Chopped Sweet Potatoes

To make this treat, you need about 250 grams of chicken breast fillet, which you crushed and fried in a pan with a dash of olive oil golden brown. Following this, you begin to dice 125 grams of sweet potatoes and add them together with a crushed apple and a dash of salt and cinnamon to the meat.

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Top 5 Free Search Engine Optimization Tools

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Having the right tool is one of the most important thing you should have if you want to work fast and smart. This will help you to reduce time you spend and increase the quality of the work you do. Therefore if you want to have our website in the spotlight by having SEO on your favor then you should be looking for the right tools to help you on this.

The following is some of the best search engine optimization tools you should have to help you improve your marketing.

Moz Local Listing Score

This tool will help you to collects data from different sources some of them includes Facebook, tweeter and Google. It also helps in analyzing and listing information and tracking the impact of your local area in search engine after a certain period of time.

Google Page Speed Insight

Google page speed insight helps to increase the speed of which your page loads both in mobile devices and on desktop where it gives you recommendation of what you should do to optimize your website page so that you can achieve a favorable speed which will help in increasing your website in SEO ranking.

Google Analytic

This tool is designed to help your business get a good deal out of the internet marketing. It have great features which will help you to get important information. For example you can know where the people that visit your site are located, know what internet campaign is trending or getting more traffic and also know what people look for in your site.

Google Keyword Planner

This is a tool that helps you to analyze and research a number of keywords for use in marketing campaigns. The data from Google keyword planer is greatly useful for search engine optimization.

  • How to find seo keywords for perfect search engine optimization.
  • How key word or group of key words trend in a period of time
  • The average of the monthly search
  • Help you Find keyword ideas or products.


Mozbar will help you generate an instant report about the web page you are visiting where it gets two categories of data which includes link data and page attributes where it helps you to decide a keyword for your site by helping you know the key words which are regularly searched. This will greatly help you in SEO.

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Choosing The Best Muscle Building Supplements?

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Yes, this article must do with the best muscle building supplements. However, let’s start by saying that supplements can never replace the combination of hard work, a healthy diet and a good workout regimen. They are called supplements for a reason: You cannot substitute and increase the positive effects of diet and bodybuilding system. These are the top five muscle building supplements that can help you gain faster muscle

than whey protein. Protein is one of the most important pillars for our muscle tissues. As such, it is essential for muscle growth and repair after each weight training session. Drinking protein shakes is a great way to make sure that you get an enough protein a day.

Muscle Building Supplements

Whey protein shakes are best taken first thing in the morning and after each exercise session Crazy Bulk -. It is a natural substance in our body. You can also find it in the chicken and beef. Crazy Bulk assists by supplying your additional energy, such that you are able to do more repetitions and sets of each exercise, and lift larger weights as well. Although it can be found in some foods, you will need to consume a considerable amount of food to get enough Crazy Bulk. That is why it is recommended to take Crazy Bulk Supplements Review in the form of Protein.

Bars supplement. These are good snack options, Especially after an intense workout. Take note, however, that not all protein bars are the same. Your calorie content may vary in calories, so you will have to choose carefully. There are also protein bars that may contain excess sugar for your purposes.

Therefore, it is key to read the label meticulously when choosing a protein bar. We all know that vitamins and minerals are essential for overall health, especially to ensure the smooth function of our body’s natural processes. This may be why multivitamins are believed to be one of the best – if not the best – muscle building supplements available. Some people even consider it as an essential part of muscle building, and no longer a supplement.

Even though multivitamins can and should not be used as food substitutes, they help ensure that you get enough of each vitamin and mineral. Along with the multivitamins, fish oil is believed to be the largest of all muscle building supplements. In fact, many fitness experts advise athletes and bodybuilders to place fish oil on top of their list of supplements. They even go so far as to say that the average person needs only fish oil and multivitamins to promote muscle building.

Muscle Building Supplements

These are the top five muscle building supplements available in the market. If you want to increase your lean muscle mass and want the help of supplements in doing so, it would be better to choose from among these five supplements before considering any of the other supplements available. These should be enough to give you the muscle growth and maintenance you are looking for, at least until you reach an advanced level.

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Sexual Health – Basic Tips

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Inning accordance with British scientists, love and a dynamic sex-related life are the leading source of joy in people evaluated. This is compared to money and also promotions.

Sex-related health and wellness is of critical value and also should be protected for a happier life. There are lots of ills that affect or affect this wellness To uphold this crucial element of life, you need to recognize some of the facets that influence your sex-related life and above all; the best ways to preserve and also improve it.

The Adhering To Are Leading Issues Impacting Sexual Health And Wellness.

  • Birth control
  • Sex-related desire/impotence
  • Sexually transmitted infections STIs
  • Esteem as well as body image
  • Sex-related complete satisfaction

Even with above problems, it is possible to steer clear of potential problem for outstanding wellness. The following are simple leading pointers that will aid enhance and also keep this health and wellness.

First, excessive weight has actually been discovered to contribute substantially in lowered libido for sex. Consequently, loosing also a little weight will certainly stimulate sex-related hormones for better sexual wellness. Having a good plan to loosened weight gradually will aid.

Nourishment is a vital and also choosing foods that advertise heart health will be essential. This is due to the fact that the heart is a critical player in matters sex. Eat lots of grains, nuts, veggies and also fruits. This is bound to improve total health and wellness. Blood sugar level as well as cholesterol need to be controlled by consuming suitably.

Stamina training is highly suggested to strengthen the heart and general figure. Additionally, getting up to regular workout will firm the body as well as supply the endurance and physical fitness needed for good sex-related health.

Rest is crucial. For this reason, seek means to manage tension as well as take time out as much as possible to revitalize.

Consulting your healthcare company regularly for examine up or issues arising in this front is encouraged. Several sexual problems will certainly have a response or remedy as well as looking for assistance early is a key.

Avoidance must prevail and taking care against STIs and also other undesirable conditions is sensible. Fact is most troubles are preventable.

Never self medicate without speaking with a specialist because you could make issues worse.

Review handy resources regularly that will certainly aid boost sexual health and wellness. Empowering yourself by doing this can just leave you better. Nonetheless, don’t take everything you review as naked truth.

Ultimately, having a healthy and balanced mindset will reproduce a healthy sex-related life. Accept who you are and also bank on your sensualism regardless of your size. It is about being happy and also complete and these easy steps can make a distinction. Many companies like safed musli providing supplements to boost your sexual life. Some of the best products like musli power extra & safed musli special for perfect nights. We hope the above tips will help you to have a happy & healthy life.

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Technical Notes: Acrylic Baths And Hydromassages

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Supplement Architecture & Design. Summer arrives and many nicole want to indulge in installing the often delayed bathtub. Stretching a little can reach the dreamy “whirlpools.” There are many brands and varieties on the market. As always in these subjects, the first brands always offer us quality and guarantee.

Acrylic bathtubs are made of thermoformed acrylic reinforced with polyester resin and fiberglass. Acrylic is a non-slip material that is still wet, it is athermic (it does not conduct heat), therefore it keeps the hot water inside the bath longer. It does not cacha, like a tub of steel. Being acrylic cast (+ the reinforcement), it maintains a brightness and color inalterable with the passage of the time. It resists UV rays, so we can install a bathtub outdoors, without affecting its brightness. It is lighter than a tub of porcelanizado steel, which grants us a great advantage in work for its transfer.


Before installing an acrylic bathtub it is necessary to check that they have not been stacked in a horizontal position but have been stored vertically fitted in a covered place sheltered from the weather The surface of the baths must be protected during the work and in no case , Shall be used as containers for building materials. They must not have contact with gypsum, nor use acid or abrasive products for cleaning. They should be cleaned only with water and neutral detergent. The bath is located in the bathroom so that, when the user is seated inside, he can see the whole of the room. Acrylic bathtubs must be installed once the completion stage is completed. In the room of the bath where the tub will be placed, the last course of ceramic will be left unplaced; In the same way as in the floor, the last line of tiles will not be placed up to where the wall that will be the front of the artifact will be placed. On the floor where the bath is placed, it is recommended to make a waterproofing layer to prevent water seepage to the lower floor. The bathtub can be embedded or semi-enclosed at the desired height. It is recommended to embed the edges to the wall between 1 and 2 cm, approximately, make a channel 3 cm deep by 6 to 8 cm high; And then, when the final stanchion is made, do it with a cement cast, or ceramic adhesive (waterproof material). Never use sand as a seat material. Before placing the bath in the corresponding position, it is necessary to present it to mark the perimeter of its base of settlement,

Acrylic Sanitary


  • Non-slip yet wet
  • High mechanical resistance (for the reinforcement of polyester resin and fiberglass)
  • Unchanged brightness
  • Resistance to ultraviolet rays
  • Athermic, allows to keep hot water longer
  • Pleasant to the touch
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Can be polished and can restore any surface damage
  • Easy to carry


A whirlpool of the first brand, comes fully assembled factory and all its components are included in the perimeter of the bath. The hull is made of thermoformed sanitary acrylic, reinforced with glass fiber and polyester resin. The pipes that lead water are rigid reinforced virgin PVC. They have a self-draining system. When the plug of the hydro is removed, all the water in the pipes and the remaining pump is drained. There is no water left in the pipes from one bathroom to another. The pumps are silent and vary their power depending on how many jets the whirlpool has. They can be ½ HP, ¾ HP, or 1 HP. A 4-jet hydro is fed with a 1/2 HP pump. If it is a SPA (water + air) system, the air conduction is done through flexible pipes. The SPA full system incorporates ozone by the jets that are on the hydro floor. Ozone has bactericidal and healing properties. A hydromassage is filled with a conventional shower box (through the foot wash basin), with a special hydromassage faucet, or internally through an optional filling T (must be clarified in the order to be included)

For some luxury or full systems (time and bath temperature control), an additional hot water connection must be provided. If we want a quick filling we have to feed the hydro with ¾ “pipe. The whirlpools do not heat the water but maintain it. For each degree that falls according to the programmed temperature, an electrovalve is opened that incorporates hot water to the hydro.


Your installation

Just as in the installation of an acrylic bathtub, you must leave the area of ​​finished floor folder, drain placed and free the area of ​​ceramics on the wall. It must be embedded 1 to 2 cm. But in a hydromassage with legs it is not necessary to make the seat mixture. Put some mixture around each leg and it is enough. A ventilation grid must be left for the pump and an electric box with a leakproof connection. An inspection door must also be placed to access the pump or otherwise an acrylic front, where we will access not only the pump but all pipes. For more details, read out acrylic bathtub reviews so that you can choose best bathtub for revitalize you bathing area.

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Essential Things (And Some Not So Much) That You Must Take At The Time Of Camping

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Many of us going camping have found ourselves unprepared and without enough things to have a good experience and not end up going hungry, cold or uncomfortable. From small we are taught that a good way to organize a trip, is to make a list. So let’s follow this childhood recommendation and prepare a detailed note with all the things we have to take to be 100% ready for all kinds of situations and possible problems. Here is a list of articles for a great camping. Some are fundamental and others, if you dare to be a bit more charged, could get you out of more of a problem. Also, everything you carry will be conditioned by how many days you go and how much budget you have.

What To Bring To Camp ?:

To mount the tent, we must have a cover coat, stakes, old (those are the ropes that go to the tent), dogs clothes and ropes: I hope to carry several meters of rope to be able to mount shopkeepers and assert your tent. To have a more pleasant stay in your tent, you should also bring a sleeping bag, a pillow, blankets, blankets, a table, chairs, mattresses and an insulated floor that you can put under the sleeping bag to help preserve the hot.

Thread Tools

There can always be unforeseen on the ground , lack of food or have problems with the tent, so we recommend you always have with you a scissor, a pen, a flashlight, a lamp (with light bulbs and fuels such as batteries or gas) , A hammer to nail the stakes, a shovel that will allow you to make gutters around the tent, a small ax to cut wood, a broom to clean the place and a brush to wash the clothes.

Appropriate Clothing

Depending on the climate of the place you go, it will depend on the clothes you need to wear.  But most of the camping outings we do during the summer, so do not forget to bring t-shirts, trousers with several pockets, bath toilets, sports divers, jeans, ch-alas, shorts and swimwear. But at night it can cool, so he wears vests, parka, short wind, sneakers and closed boots.

Bags And Backpacks

Remember to bring a camping bag that fits your luggage needs. But it also takes a smaller one to make short trips to nearby places. This will avoid heavy loads when you make day trips. Take several plastic bags , both to pick up your trash, to leave dirty clothes and items that can spill into your bag. They are also useful when grouping and classifying items in your luggage.


Foods that require refrigeration, better buy them in a nearby warehouse and consume them the same day. You can also take them frozen for the first few days, especially if you have a cooler. Among the foods that you should carry are coffee, individual soups, puree, rice, noodles, legumes, tomato sauce, tuna, hard boiled eggs, salami or other smoked meat, powdered game and canned fruit.

For breakfast should have jam, delicacy, honey, butter, coffee, tea, natural herbs, powdered milk, and small boxes of milk to consume quickly. Do not forget to carry plenty of drinking water in drums ; In some campsites do not have it and in others, there is simply no water.

To Cook

At the time of cooking do not forget to take a best camping cookware thermos, corks, corkscrews, kitchen knives, a strainer, a Grill and grill iron. When it comes to keeping food and protect it from bugs, it is imperative that you have all plastic or aluminum foil.

First Aid Kit

Being in the middle of nature can be very fun and relaxing, but it can also be dangerous. An accident can always occur and, in general, emergency places are far away. That is why you always have to be prepared and carry a first aid kit that includes adhesive fabric, burn cream, alcohol or other disinfectant, bandage patches, cotton and gauze.

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Cleanest Pool In The Neighborhood

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No matter the method, all pool owners will agree on one thing, they feel that they spend more time cleaning the pool than actually being able to enjoy it. Depending on the size and type of pool this can be a difficult task that many wouldn’t want the responsibility of it. Depending on the region and climate, pool owners have numerous outside factors that contribute to how dirty their pools can become. These climates can range from dry and dusty to humid and damp, each causing unique problems for pool owners in those regions, but all the same they have to be cleaned nonetheless. Read Laurie’s cleaning advice to learn more about cleaning.

Methods Of Cleaning Your Pool

Maintaining the chemicals, the water level, and taking the time to manually vacuum debris from the bottom of the pool and to skim debris from the top of the water is the most common way to keep your pool clean, but this takes time and effort on part of the owner and leaves less time for the enjoyment of owning a pool. To reduce the maintenance time and increase the time spent having fun can be accomplished by incorporating different methods when it comes to the chore of cleaning your pool.

One way you can do this is to hire a pool servicing company, but then you face the risk of allowing a complete stranger access to your private property. There are plenty of respectable companies that guarantee their work and their employee’ professionalism and if you choose to go this route it could turn out to be a great thing. Then again what if this company comes out and cleans your pool on Friday and then that night you have a major storm that trashes the pool. What do you do then?

Most likely it will be you cleaning the pool again so your family can enjoy it for the rest of the weekend. So you pay that monthly or weekly fee and still have to work on it yourself.  The next method that would make more of a financially sound investment is an automated pool cleaner that can run unattended and take care of the majority of the debris that a pool collects on a regular basis.

Automation At Its Best

You’ll find each one of the product’s distributors touting that theirs is the best. Usually you can find what you are looking for within the first few results on the first page and can narrow this down even further if you can take the time to read the reviews of all the products you are interested in. If you are from an old school and like to shop products in person, you can find a local pool store near you and see what they have to offer off the shelf and in most cases they may also have products on display or even the capability to provide demonstrations.

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